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Panasonic EY7840LR2S Cordless, Battery Powered, Rechargeable 14.4V Rotary Hammer Kit

 Panasonic EY7840LR2S Cordless, Battery Powered, Rechargeable 14.4V Rotary Hammer Kit Buy Now on Amazon.com

Panasonic EY7840LR2S Cordless, Battery Powered, Rechargeable 14.4V Rotary Hammer Kit was listed on Amazon for $546.00, selling for $463.40 USD brand new. Manufactured by Panasonic. There are 3 units left brand new.

Some great features of this product include:

  • High Performance- Drill Mode- 124 In Lbs. Torque, 0-700 Rpm, Impact Mode- 1,239 In Lbs. Torque, 3,300 Ipm
  • 1/4? Heavy Duty Quick Connect Chuck,
  • Light Weight 5Lbs
  • Kit Includes 2 Batteries, Charger And Case
  • 1/4-inch Heavy Duty Quick Connect Chuck and weight at only 5 pounds
  • High capacity 14.4-volt, 3.3 Ah Li-ion battery
  • High performance drill mode at 124 In Lbs. Torque and 0-700 Rpm
  • Impact mode is 1239 inch pounds of torque and 3300 IPM

Panasonic EY7840LZ2S 14.4V Ip Li-Ion Rotary Hammer Kit 2 – 3.3Ah Li-Ion Battery Packs, Panasonic Rotary Hammers, Panasonic Tool Type, Panasonic, EY7840LZ2S 14.4V Ip Li-Ion Rotary
Panasonic EY7840LR2S/EY7840X Tough IP™ 14.4-volt 3.3Ah Cordless 1/2″ SDS-plus Rotary Hammer KitCordless Rotary Hammer Kit for Drilling Concrete and Installing Anchors with One ToolElectricians and other installation professionals will appreciate how the flip of one switch makes the Panasonic EY7840LR2S (EY7840X tool only) SDS-plus cordless rotary hammer and driver kit go between hammering and driving modes. That makes it the perfect tool for drilling holes into concrete, masonry, wood or metal and then driving fasteners to mount lighting equipment, conduit pipe or switch boxes and more. The 1/2″ SDS-plus tool has a cap-piston compressed air system that powers the hammer mechanism. The cordless rotary hammer delivers 0-3,800 bpm with 21.6 kN of hammering force in hammering mode for fast drilling, even in hard concrete. In drilling mode, it delivers 0-1,000 rpm and produces 13-48.7 in.lbs. of torque for conventional drilling or driving. The five torque level settings step 8.8 in.-lbs. with each clutch setting, allowing the user to best match torque to the drilling or fastening job. The slow-start switch, which is protected by a soft rubber cover that keeps dust out of electrical components inside the rotary hammer, makes starting holes easier and more accurate. Its ergonomic design makes it easy to use in up, down or to the side drilling and fastening orientations. Weighing only 5.4 lbs. with the 3.3Ah battery and only 9-13/16″ long x 10-3/8″ tall x 2-33/64″ wide, the cordless rotary hammer and driver is well-balanced for one-handed drilling and fastening. A convenient LED light brightens the task for accurate hole positioning and a convenient shoulder strap makes it easy to carry up and down ladders. The tool has an SDS-plus bit adapter that holds hex shank-type bits to make switching between drilling and fastening bits fast and easy. The power hammer can drill up 1/2″-diameter holes in steel with a bit or up to 53/64″-diameter holes with a holesaw. In wood, it can make up to 45/64″-diameter holes or drive up to 11/64″ diameter screws. In concrete, it can drill up to 5/8″-diameter hole. Panasonic EY7840 (body): 14.4V Cordless Rotary Hammer Drill & Driver (Click To View Larger)EY7840 14.4V Rotary Hammer Drill & Driver is the perfect tool for drilling holes into concrete, masonry, wood or metal and then driving mounting fasteners (Click To View Larger)EY7840 14.4V Rotary Hammer Drill & Driver can be paired with the optional EY9HX403E 1/4″ Bit Adaptor (Click To View Larger)Tough and Long-Lasting Battery PacksThe cordless rotary hammer and driver, powered by Panasonic’s exclusive 14.4-volt 3.3Ah LR Li-ion battery pack, is built for heavy use, long runtimes between charges and long cycle life. Unlike manganese-based Li-ion batteries used in many cordless power tools, Panasonic’s exclusive cobalt Li-ion battery technology produces less internal heat buildup that can kill battery packs. The battery packs also feature Panasonic’s Solid Solution technology, a proprietary process for dissolving and hardening cobalt and nickel and other key battery components. This unique chemistry dramatically improves battery pack safety, reliability and power output. A special heat-resistant ceramic coating layer separates cells and protects them from heat buildup. Together, the chemistry, battery design and manufacturing process add up to powerful batteries that promise to deliver long running lives.Battery Packs that are Smart, TooSometimes professional users are their own tool’s worst enemy, attempting to push them past their design limits. This can lead to irreversible battery or tool damage. That’s why Panasonic 3.3 Ah LR battery pack cells are independently monitored for even discharge while preventing over-charging and over-discharging. An over-discharge sensor prevents the user from running the power rotary hammer after it reaches the point where too-low voltage output could damage the battery and the tool. Plus, an internal temperature sensor flashes a warning light if internal temperatures rise, and then cuts off tool power if battery temperature reaches critical levels. Water getting into the battery doesn’t have to mean it’s a goner. Panasonic engineers have added vents built in the battery case so water can easily drain out of the battery pack. The battery, which is easy to remove using a simple slide-down release button, can charge to 80 percent capacity in 50 minutes and fully charge in 65 minutes when charged with the EY0L81B charger that comes with the kit that includes the tool, two 3.3Ah Li-ion battery packs and carrying case. Tough Tools for Tough Conditions  The EY7840LR2S/EY7840X SDS-plus rotary hammer has an IP56 rating that proves the tool’s toughness claims. This rating means the rotary hammer has withstood demanding laboratory tests of working in extremely dusty work environments and the effects of water getting sprayed on the tool by powerful jets. In the field, it assures professional tradesmen have a tool that can stand up to the rigors of hard jobsite use. The IP rating is established by the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) and is outlined in IEC 60529. The standard outlines a coding system that indicates the degree of protection an electrical machine’s enclosure offers internal components. Based on objective testing, it assigns a rating to the enclosure’s ability to keep potentially damaging solid foreign objects (dust and contaminants) and water out of the tool under increasingly difficult conditions. The dust protection test subjects the tool to a very dusty environment and then puts it to work to assure the cordless rotary hammer was unaffected by dust exposure. In the grueling test, the tool proved that it achieved a dust protection level of five out of six levels; the sixth level is for dust-tight tools. It’s a good indication that the tool’s design keeps potentially harmful contaminants out, assuring long life and top performance that professionals demand. Similarly, the water protection test put the tool up against increasing levels of water exposure. It attained a six out of eight levels rating, withstanding the effects of powerful water jets. Whether it’s extremely dusty work conditions or work in damp or wet locations, users will appreciate a tool that will keep working when others would likely fail. Consult the safety and operating instructions for more information. What’s In The Cordless Rotary Hammer and Driver Box1x – EY7840 (body): 14.4V Power Hammer Drill & Driver1x – EY0L81B: Charger2x – EY9L44B – 14.4V 3.3Ah Li-ion battery packsPanasonic Percussion Tools Comparison ChartEY7950LR2S/EY7950X Cordless Hammer Drill & Driver KitEY7940LR2S/EY7940X Cordless Hammer Drill & Driver KitEY7960LR2S/EY7960X Cordless Hammer Drill & Driver KitEY7840LR2S/EY7840X Cordless Rotary Hammer Drill & Driver KitEY7880LZ2S/EY7880X Cordless SDS-Plus Rotary Hammer KitDescriptionBattery Capacity3.3Ah Li-ion3.3Ah Li-ion3.1Ah Li-ion 3.3Ah Li-ion3.1Ah Li-ion IP ApprovedIP56IP56IP56IP56IP56Voltage18V14.4V21.6V14.4V28.8VCompact Size9-1/4″ x 9-3/4″ x 2-1/2″7-7/8″ X 9-1/8″ X 2-3/8″9-5/8″x 10-1/16″ x 2-15/16″9-13/16″ x 10-3/8″ x 2-33/64″12-9/16″ x 8″ x 3-1/16″Light Weight5.00 lbs.3.96 lbs.5.61 lbs.5.40 lbs.8.49 lbs.Blows Rate per Minute (rotation with hammering)Low: 900-7,740 bpm High: 2,880-29,700 bpmLow: 1,260-7,200 bpm High: 3,600-25,200 bpmLow: 1,800-7,200 bpm High: 6,300-27,000 bpm0-3,800 bpmLow: 0-2,800 bpm High: 0-4,500 bpmSpeed at No Load (rotation only)Low: 50-430 rpm High: 160-1,650 rpmLow: 70-400 rpm High: 200-1,400 rpmLow: 100-400 rpm High: 350-1,500 rpm0-1,000 rpmLow: 0-920 rpm High: 0-500 rpmClutch Torque (approx.) 8.8-61.0 in. lbs.8.8-39.0 in. lbs.8-8-61.0 in. lbs.13 in. lbs – 48.7 in. lbs.n/aChuck1/2″ Heavy Duty Keyless Chuck1/2″ Heavy Duty Keyless Chuck1/2″ Heavy Duty Keyless Chuck1/2″ SDS-Plus Bit System3/4″ SDS-Plus Bit SystemHammering Forcen/an/an/a21.6 kN23.6 kNSlow Start Switch for Accuracyn/an/an/aYesYesDual FunctionHammer Drill/DriverHammer Drill/DriverHammer Drill/DriverRotary Hammer or Drill & DriverRotary Hammer or DrillBit Adaptern/an/an/a(EY9HX403E) Standard EquipmentYesCharging Time (Usable/Full)50 min/65 min50 min/65 min55 min/70 min50 min/65 min65 min/80 minElectric BrakeYesYesYesNoNoLED Work LightYesYesYesYesYesBelt HookNoYesYesNo (Shoulder Strap)NoDust Collection CupNoNoNoNoYesSide HandleYesYesYesYesYesErgonomicYesYesYesYesYesExtra Battery IncludedYesYesYesYesYes

Panasonic EY7840LR2S Cordless, Battery Powered, Rechargeable 14.4V Rotary Hammer Kit

Buy Now on Amazon.com

Buy for $463.40 brand new

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